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#38776 - 03/22/03 02:36 PM Hello from Japan!/Seek fellow bikers in Austria
I'm Mei, Japanese woman who loves cycling and dreaming of bike tours in Austria and Germany.
I have been seeking a network/community for bikers who are enjoying cycling especially in those two countries, and yes! it looks I finally could reach the place what I've been imaging & willing to join, I believe I can get the information that I need here.

I am looking for cycling friends/partners in Austria (and Germany).
I visit there average once-twice a year, based in Wien.

I have only experienced several short bike tours in Austria yet, but it was enough to make me dream of cycling all over the beautiful country!

I'm very happy if I could find fellow bikers who can enjoy cycling together there, and who doesn't care accompanying me this Asian "novice" biker!

I am planning to visit Wien around this May - June for approx. 10 days if available.
Look forward to hearing from someone who may have a scope for thinking & planning some tour together, and at the same time, any of your advice, suggestion, recommendation, information and attentions (in English) will be highly appreciated.
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#38861 - 03/23/03 09:17 PM Re: Hello from Japan!/Seek fellow bikers in Austria [Re: ]
Member Accommodation network
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Posts: 111
Hi Mei,

that's great! This international forum seems to work! Subscribers from half around the world... cool cool

Well, actually I'm based some 700 km further north than Vienna but if you come to northern Germany you're welcome to stopf, even if my japanese is a little small (it's just yes & no & bye...). Generally there are so many nice cycle-paths to follow, especially along the rivers, that it is really difficult to advice you to one. I don't know anything in Austria, but one of the famous ones is the Danube Cyclepath which goes until Budapest/Hungary and starts far in the south-west of Germany at the source of the Danube. Beside that there are so many smaller rivers to follow. Along the rivers you don't have to ascend very much, mostly the paths are quite levelled and easy to follow, that's nice. But I don't know if there are information on cycle-paths available in English. You don't speak or understand German? There are loads of books and websites about routes and tours with very detailled maps. You could purchase them in many book shops or perhaps also via internet like amazon.

I just could counsel you on northern Germany, sorry. But if you have questions feel free to contact me. Where in Nippon are you based?

Forward to far
Vorwärts nach weit Knase
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#38894 - 03/24/03 11:01 AM Re: Hello from Japan!/Seek fellow bikers in Austria [Re: ]
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Hi Mei,

i live in the center of vienna and if you need a base or "a home away from home" while in austria you are warmly welcome. tell me what kind of cycling you would prefer (mountains or flat areas) and i'll find some tours for you, even i cannot join you because i've to work frown .

greetings from sunny vienna
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#39055 - 03/26/03 07:05 AM Re: Hello from Japan!/Seek fellow bikers in Austri [Re: Knase]
Hallo Knase,

Thanks for your reply with great information!
Wow, I'm so happy people noticed my mail. laugh

Danube Cycle Path, yes, this is the one made me love bicycling!
I have been biked between Melk and Krems twice before, but both were
one day touring, returned to Vienna within the same day.
Based on the map in "Cycling Tours in Austria" ( ), there are lots of choices & options even just along the Danube river as you mentioned! It may be good idea to try the other sections not just for a one day trip but for a journey with staying at Gasthof/Privatezimmer/tent.

My German is just for your laugh, several simple & basic phrases only at present, but I'd like to study more seriously.

I live in Tokyo near by Yoyogi Park ( ). There is a cycling course in the big park, let's go together when you come to Tokyo!

Thanks for your kind attentions again, let's keep in touch together!


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#39080 - 03/26/03 09:17 AM Re: Hello from Japan!/Seek fellow bikers in Austri [Re: helga]
Good day, Helga!
Oh, I miss the sunny Vienna, guess and imagine that birds are coming back from the long sleep and singing at the end of branches. Spring!

Appreciated your kind proposal about the base in Vienna!
There is a flat in the 5th District(?) I stay at whenever I visit Vienna,
so maybe I don't need to worry about the accommodation at present, as long as I can keep paying the flat fee (slight suspect..).

I'm interested in both flat areas and mountain areas. Thinking about my physical strength and bike touring experience, it may be better to start from easy course. I look forward to hearing from any of your idea, and hope you also can join the tour if you're available!

By the way, I have a friend whose name is "Helga" in Vienna. ....perhaps do you have a dog named Assiya??? If yes, hey, it's me!

Keep in touch!

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#39293 - 03/28/03 12:26 PM Re: Hello from Japan!/Seek fellow bikers in Austri [Re: ]
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Posts: 94
hello mei,

perhaps we've seen each other on the naschmarkt, because i live just across of the market (and 5.district) in the 6th district...
have you ever been on the neusiedlersee? its very nice (and flat) to cycle around the lake, litte hostels to stay in the villages, vinarys. its 80km away from vienna close to the hungarian border - or have you ever been on the mtb-trails in the viennese mountains? its beautiful, you can select between easy and heavy routes - to start directly from the city (half an hour to be out of town) - or cycling from vienna to bratislava on a cycleway - or cycling in the hills of wachau (the winegrowing area along the danube, should be very nice in spring if the weather is fine.
if you need some maps just tell me, here my mailadress, its easier to communicate:
have a good weekend!
PS: instead of a dog named "assiya" i could offer a small cat named "wilma" - is it okay for you... smile ?
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#62805 - 11/14/03 01:15 PM Re: Hello from Japan!/Seek fellow bikers in Austria [Re: ]
gruess dich, mei!

i'm sorry that i read this message too late... hope you had a nice stay though!

i live in graz/austria (second biggest austrian city, about 190km south of vienna, this years europes capital city of culture).

if you come to austria again (before april 04), let me know. there's a lot to discover on a bicycle (and in pubs!) in this area!

cheers and happy pedalling, smile
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#63003 - 11/16/03 03:27 PM Re: Hello from Japan!/Seek fellow bikers in Austri [Re: Mei]
Grüß Gott, Ara!
It is so glad that you put your eyes on my mail!
I have not visited Graz yet, it is one of places I have been longing to make a trip.
Wow, sounds so attractive, "lots of discover and pubs"!? wine
Thanks for your kind offer. I will get in tough with you if I have a chance to come to Graz before April 2004.
I live in Tokyo, please don't hesitate to contact me if you come to Japan!

Well, I visited Germany (Munich) and Austria (Vienna and else) in this early summer (6/20-7/6) to see my old friends, and we enjoyed pedaling almost all day, to Mariazellerbahn-Strecke (mountain area), Pleersdorf & Retz (vineyard), Vienna city, etc. etc.. Since it was unusually hot even in this June and July, in the early summer, it became a little bit tough tour when we went to the vineyard, the hilly place because there was no shadow to hide us at all!
The mountain area was much comfortable, much cooler, despite the hard course. Anyhow everything was so nice & fresh to me, could enjoy & relax myself a lot.

..It's 0:10 midnight here, so let's talk again.

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#64043 - 11/26/03 11:01 AM Re: Hello from Japan!/Seek fellow bikers in Austri [Re: ara_on_tour]
thanks for the invitation to japan! cool

nic and i will go on a 1y cycle trip (asia, perhaps australia, mexico, patagonia) in april, but unfortunately japan isn't on our list frown ..yet! wink

here's my email address:

let me know when you come to austria again and we'll sort something out!

cheers, ara
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#160085 - 03/24/05 05:17 AM Hello! Croatian girl will cycle Wien -> Bratislava [Re: Anonymous]
Alma Simic
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Posts: 1
Hello cycle friends!

I am Alma, a Croatian girl who likes to cycle. I would like to cycle from Wien to Bratislava this summer. Can anyone tell me where I can find a good map for this journey? Is there maybe one online?

Also, is there any special information I should know about this journey?

Thank you!

Alma Simic
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#160856 - 03/29/05 11:35 AM Re: Hello! Croatian girl will cycle Wien -> Bratislava [Re: Alma Simic]
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Hi Alma,

you can order for free Infos for the Donau-Radweg Passau Bratislava at the Adress you find below:

Werbegemeinschaft Donau Oberösterreich
Lindengasse 9
4041 Linz

tel: +43(732)7277 800
fax: +43(732)7277 804

Length of the Route is around 80km, complete flat, landscape is nice, a varied, intact meadow landscape.

Greetings from Vienna
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