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... the D1 produces more than 2.5W at 20km/h ...

... exactly as any other similar device on the market, so why should I buy yours one?

I think you are wrong in assuming 20km/h.

The published tests (first linked pdf in this thread) are run at 500Hz. Shimanos have 28 pulses per revolution (SON: 26 pulses). 500Hz / 28 pulses corresponds to:
=> 17.8 revolutions per second.
=> 1071 revolutions per min.
=> 64285 revolutions per hour.

My bike (26x0.75 tires) is traveling ~ 2m per revolution => 128 km/h for 2.5-something watts according to posted tests (144 km/h for 47-622, YMMV). The high-speed Forumslader option with velogical dynamo outputs 15 - 22W at 60 km/h. It will shutdown well before reaching 128 km/h.

See? He did run tests well beyond your requested 100km/h. You should have asked about lower speeds.