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Superaxle -> I could offer a standard B&M 2yr warranty instead if that makes you happy? smile

You will run up hart against EU laws. It is basically illegal to sell stuff without a specific basic warranty in the EU. Apple lost millions over this. Additional warranties are of course welcome.

Sorry, I don't see how that relates to this case. Two years warranty normally is sufficient, there is now law (in Germany) requiring more than that! Also the problem would not really affect the producer but the dealer.

The next biggy is importing into the EU. UKs "maybe,maybe-not,maybe-soon" exit means you have to deal with EU import taxes at some point. That will cause problems and distributors want stable and steady supply guaranties. I don't think they want a new startup from UK right now.

All quite speculative. But as a consumer that wants the charger can just order it in UK without any problem anyway (in the foreseable future) I would recomend more focusing on trying to send test samples to magazines. If there are german magazine articles some distributors might show interest.