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Flachländer -> I think you need to re-read the original thread in which the writer complained that the D1 comes with a lifetime warranty..

Limited lifetime warranty does not nessarily cover what the law requires. I have been at that point too, trust me it is complex. The simplified version is 6 months warranty, no-questions-asked + 18 months warranty during which the customer has to prove the product was faulty at sale. Depending on your terms, "limited" is a deal breaker. If you bail out, the local dealer has to take over responsibility for your product. Guess why the big guys don't like startups...

About the forumslader. I own one, it is slightly better then the test results at speeds around 20 kph (26 wheel but 28" dynamo...), measured over longer distances. I would not dismiss losing against it. The team behind it did not comment so far. PN JensD, he does not read every thread here.