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#844842 - 07/13/12 09:25 AM how to get a visa for rusia.
alguien que pedalea por ahi
Topic starter
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Underway in Bosnia-Herzegovina

i'm planing to travel from barcelona to himalaia by bike.
the route i want to take is France, Schwis, Austria, Hongary, Romania, Moldavia, Rusia, kazanstan, kirzistan, tajastan...

Well i want advice about how to get a visa for rusia that don't require hotels. cause the idea is try to tend always that possible.

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#953238 - 07/03/13 11:46 AM Re: how to get a visa for rusia. [Re: alguien que pedalea por ahi]
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Apply for the visa, But I think it's took 2 months.I suggest you, you can apply for quick visa that helps you a lot.

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#966051 - 08/15/13 08:16 AM Re: how to get a visa for rusia. [Re: alguien que pedalea por ahi]
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You have to apply in your home country.In germany we have a lot of rusia travelagency they will help you to get a invitation, it costs about 50 Euro + 50 euro for visa.It will take about one week no 2 months
best wishes
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#966632 - 08/17/13 06:51 PM Re: how to get a visa for rusia. [Re: jorenmathew]
Thomas' Rad
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When I replied for an russian visa it just took 2 weeks and I am sure I didn't pay any extra fee to fasten the issue of the visa.
To me the biggest problem in getting visas for the Russian federation is the invitation which is required.
I hope you'll manage all of this
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#969029 - 08/26/13 06:02 PM Re: how to get a visa for rusia. [Re: alguien que pedalea por ahi]
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Once you have a VISA (maybe apart from frontier soldies) nobody will care, where you sleep. You can always make a reservation in some hostel, take the sheet of the confirmation of the hotel with you and cancel the reservation immediately.

However, letting the VISA officers know, that you intend to sleep in your tend might not be the best idea.

P.S.: I just noticed, that the thread starter might never read that post frown
Komm wir grillen Opa. Es gibt Koch und Suppenfleisch!
Satzzeichen können Leben retten.

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