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#643165 - 08/04/10 02:57 AM Help me to choose binos.
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I am a college students, Now it is summer holiday, My family and I decided to travel and visit famous place. I'm interested in Nikon 10x25 Sportstar Binoculars and Eyeskey 10x25 Pocket size binoculars. Which one is better to me? Thanks for all your advice.
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#750729 - 08/21/11 12:53 PM Re: Help me to choose binos. [Re: cedwc]
My Nikon story goes here. Maybe a little OT but nevertheless interesting.

Long time ago I had a Nikon Sporter 10x50. Coming out of the box it was damaged, one of the occular bushings were crooked mounted. I wonder how this bino came trough the final control. Later I bought a Nicon Coolpix 2000. This had a bad designed electrical power system, sometimes the AA batterie only worked for 20pic and get hot. Additionally, sometimes the lens doesn't want to drive out. Hm. Two years later I bought a coolpix P6000.
Man, that was the crown of botched design. Again probs with the lens retraction. The built-in GPS functionality took incredibly 20(!) minutes to gather its datas. To get things worse this feature also ran during the off state. After ten days the accu was dead as a doornail. Nikon added an ethernet connector but that was as useful as a chocolate teapot. Worked for direct uploads (houwhouw!) to Flickr and crappy Facebook-style websites
but controlling the camera as a webcam was not taken into consideration during the design process. What a waste of money.

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