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#1242555 - 10/21/16 01:08 PM South or latin amerika 2017
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I start to plan a trip to latin or southamerica. Until now i dont have concrwt plans- im veey flexible about that. It will be my first trip by bike.
I love the idea to move sloly - thats why i dont wont to rush so much and count kilometers. The idea is more about stay a few days somewhere if its beautifull and them move on. I love ti be in the montains, climb, and kajak - would be nice if i could do also there.
I love to sleep
I would love of somebody would join me so we can share nice moments.
Im 27, im from austria and i speak spanish if you want to know more about me just write me wink
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#1311116 - 11/17/17 09:33 PM Re: South or latin amerika 2017 [Re: Ena]
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Underway in Argentina

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