Hi guys! Was searching around on the internet for other communities for us tourists. I've been riding around the world since 2009 (www.tiredofit.ca) and in my time while stuck in a tent I developed a new resource for people worldwide.

It's an online database of books/gear for Bicycle Touring, a Free Campsites Section that allows bicycle tourists and offers Water/Showers/Internet etc, and the best part is free customizable trip journals, with the ability to map your GPS files/integrate into Facebook and log your daily stats. I've spent an awful lot of time working the features into my own personal site into this so that everyone can benefit - Lots of different looks and types, and its free, so you can spend your money on touring, not internet.

If you know of any other campsites, please feel free to add them to the list! The website is at http://www.bicycletouringhub.com - Bicycle Touring Hub!