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#491815 - 01/14/09 02:18 AM Newbie Equipment Question
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I have a 6 speed older cassette with a double 52/42 from my old bike. I recently got a Cannondale CAAD8 frame and everything is fine, except my braze on shifters. The new frame doesn't have downtube bosses. Can I substitute a brake lever/shifter (9 speed) for now, until I change my drive train? Will it work? I can't afford to buy a whole new wheel set and drive train all at once.
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#497803 - 02/06/09 11:55 AM Re: Newbie Equipment Question [Re: FemaleDuck]
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it's been quite some time since you posted your question, but maybe an answer is still helpful...

It's highly improbable that any 9 speed shifter would work with a 6 speed drive train - as I see it, you have basically got two options:

A) If you use drop bars, install bar end shifters (like these ). They can also be used with 9 speed drive trains if you don't need the indexing.

B) Try to find a clamp that substitutes the bosses on the down tube ( example ) and use your current shifters...
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