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#419104 - 03/05/08 11:18 PM Orange P7 for touring
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just wondering if anyone has experience of using an Orange P7 frame for touring?
I'm looking at replacing the aluminium frame of my MTB, which is what i currently use for touring, with something a bit more suited but still more multi function than a pure tour bike.

I have been thinking about the Orange P7 as this frame now comes with interchangeable rear drop outs, which can give the option of derailleur gears, single speed or Rohloff hub.
one other reason for this is i would like to get a Rohloff hub for this bike in the future, although it will be built with a std gear train initially.
any advice or views would be appreciated.
if anyone is curious then hear are a few links to the things in question...

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#425951 - 03/30/08 11:13 AM Re: Orange P7 for touring [Re: antarctic2wheels]
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Hi Lian,

You are very lucky to live in England as the great english bicycle brand Thorn has just the bicycle you need :-)

Cycle the world,
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#618929 - 05/10/10 06:46 AM Re: Orange P7 for touring [Re: antarctic2wheels]
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I bought an Orange Prestige (forerunner of the P7) about 1992 and it's served me well ever since.

I've not toured for any distance, but have used it over lots of different terrain and never had any trouble with it whatsoever.
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