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#37454 - 03/08/03 07:35 PM Which gear-change for the big trip?
What do you thing is the best gear-change for the big intercontinental bicycle-trip?
Which gear-change is the most stable one? Chain-gear-change or nave-gear-change? In which countries i will get which replacement-parts, Where i will get replacement-parts for nave-gear-change? How many gears do you need for your trip?
Thank you for your answers.
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#37500 - 03/09/03 10:24 AM Re: Which gear-change for the big trip? [Re: Anonymous]
The simpler, the better.
E.g. I would recommend primitive thumbshifters, no STI levers.
The rest depends on your purposes, but I think that a standard three-ring-eight-cogs setup will be the easiest to be repared in any corner of the planet tongue tongue
OTOH you could rely on the (allegedly) undestroyable (and nearly unpayable laugh ) Rohloff gearbox - some of us do so. grin grin
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#37599 - 03/10/03 06:53 AM Re: Which gear-change for the big trip? [Re: Bicycleralf]
What is "NAVE GEAR CHANGE"? Where are you comming from, did you learn English at school? Maybe you´ll give it a try at the currency change. (yoke)
If you look for a multispeed setup on your bicycle (single speed, internal geared hubs or derailleur systems with up to 64 gears) try
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