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#240005 - 04/09/06 05:10 PM touring saddle for women ???????
Topic starter
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Posts: 84
hi everyone
we are getting ready for 12 monts trip around Asia and still looking for a good touring Saddle for my girlfriend.
we have tried 2 already [the last for touring around south west england few days ago] and it doesn't look good [still] - looks like she has problems with the bladder :-(
first we though it's the cold but then we figured out it's the saddle :-(
I ecperimented with mooving it to the front or back and it improved [to the front] but she is still not happy :-(

any advise ??
... it's all in your mind ...
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#240072 - 04/09/06 08:04 PM Re: touring saddle for women ??????? [Re: acanay]
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Posts: 214
Hi acanay,

Try the Terry Butterfly, standard version or gel version.

My girlfriend rides 3 Butterfly gel on different bikes.


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#243558 - 04/24/06 02:18 PM Re: touring saddle for women ??????? [Re: acanay]
We have made good experiences with the
Brooks Team Profesional S for women.
Available in black or honey (if colour matters wink )

My wife is riding hers for two years now and is happy.

But it will need some time to get used to it.
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#243580 - 04/24/06 03:55 PM Re: touring saddle for women ??????? [Re: ]
Topic starter
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Posts: 84
ok guys .. thanks for help ... even so little ;-)
finnaly we get the SPECIALIZED 06 DOLCE ... we rre testing it now ...
the 12 months of cycling is comming ;-)
15 weeks to go ;-) ;-)
... it's all in your mind ...

Edited by acanay (04/24/06 03:58 PM)
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#246962 - 05/07/06 07:45 PM Re: touring saddle for women ??????? [Re: acanay]
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Posts: 7,915
Hello Acanay,

I have the brooks professional S (for women) and though I have used it only 400km before I used it in New Zealand for a longer tour. I am really happy with this saddle. It is still hard but it never heart laugh

I can cycle my tours without any problems...
best regards Renata
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