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#1468865 - 05/07/21 11:07 PM Around Africa for the next 3 years
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Hello friends,
I am going to leave Europe this autumn.
Starting in Berlin, Germany I will travel south crossing France and Spain into Morocco from where I want to go south. I am aiming to surround the continent in the next roughly 3 years, that said I want to go with the weather.
I will take my time to volunteer/help some places and get to know people/culture/life.
Meeting and inspiring grace, love and peace in every being I meet is my actual reason for going.
If you would like to join a life changing trip - shout! wink
Riding my bicycle for the sake of riding!
Living as a cycling vagabond!
Grace is in every being you meet - look for it!

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#1468919 - 05/08/21 06:26 PM Re: Around Africa for the next 3 years [Re: CycleYogi]
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Underway in Germany

Ambitious! I am counting on the Chinese to build more roads in order that I can drive to SA in a car. I devoured the blog of freewheely who "only" drove to SA from Switzerland taking the Western route. Are you planning to have a blog?
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