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#1294311 - 07/21/17 12:10 PM Back and forth to SICILY !
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Thru-Italy-Three-Islands-Trail L’ andata passando per le 3-isole
Cycling through and around Tuna Fisheries of Sicily In giro per tonnare
Malta and Gozo Giro delle isole minori: Malta e Gozo
Eolie, Egadi, Pantelleria Giro delle isole minori: Eolie, Egadi, Pantelleria
Calabria e Sicilia To the bottom tip of Sicily
Across the Messina Bridge Al di là del “ponte”

... upcoming: back home !! from Sicily to Mailand along the Balkan Route

Map with Track

Showing maps in the forum is unfortunately not permitted (copyright ...). Nice tour!!!

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#1307387 - 10/24/17 06:59 AM Re: Back and forth to SICILY ! [Re: ConRAD]
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HERE the entire trip (temporarily in Italian only, sorry !!)

Below the departure from Ortigia (Siracusa/Sicily, very early in the morning of past September 30, 2017

Below arriving to Scilla (Calabria) late in the evening

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