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#1214193 - 05/25/16 11:19 PM "Maria Fumaça"
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One of the most significant parts of my past trip to Brazil in 2014 along the so called Estrada Real was definitely a very special bit of a “single track” in the between the small towns of Tiradentes and São João Del Rei in the very heart of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.
It was indeed a solitary single track of about 15 km along an historical and partially dismissed railway today only occasionally used to help reviving quite a few special recurrences.
Unfortunately on that specific April the 14th 2014, by coincidence when I was over there, that stretch of a railway was totally desert because, as I was told afterwards, the only steam locomotive still in service, named “Maria Fumaça”, was temporarily recovered in a shelter for overhauling purposes.
Well, at that point the only thing I could do was to follow the rails till São João Del Rei and find out where Maria Fumaça actually was taking repair.

Somehow inspired by that event, I recently decided to revive that specific experience dedicating to Maria Fumaça, and so far designing and then producing by myself, a very special lamp mainly using either second hand and re-cycled parts.

… the story and other pictures of the lamp HERE

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