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#1203195 - 04/07/16 07:20 PM "SWING"
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Basically made off recycled pieces and named “SWING” for its unequivocal main "support structure", this lamp is powered by a small 6V recycled transformer and is equipped with a halogen headlight and a courtesy red taillight that, thanks to its "standlight" function, remains switched-on for a couple of minutes after being switched-off.
The result seems pretty good and now I just have to put and keep it on my nightstand to read a little bit before sleeping and prepare myself for some new cycling dreaming !!

Edited by ConRAD (04/07/16 07:26 PM)
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#1203199 - 04/07/16 07:46 PM Re: "SWING" [Re: ConRAD]
Keine Ahnung
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Looks nice! The lamp should be rotatable, that would be ideal for reading while lying in bed. However, even without such a nice thing, I have no problems to dream of cycling wink
Gruß, Arnulf

"Ein Leben ohne Radfahren ist möglich, aber sinnlos" (frei nach Loriot)
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#1210566 - 05/09/16 05:05 PM Re: "SWING" [Re: Keine Ahnung]
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... just an "upgrade" for tea-time!!

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