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Re: Hilfe einen Verteiler für Igaro D1 in Deutschl - 08/27/16 12:01 AM

Hey, during the last days I have read this topic with great interest. My point of view ist the one from a potential buyer of a Dynamo to USB-Adapter within the next year.
I would like to add few thought, but not to offend or argue against you or your product, but to explain why people here behave how they behave... and maybe even give you a hint how to improve your product and specially your "marketing" But please keep in mind that my technical knowledge for this topic is limited.

1)People here in this Forum are researching and developing since ages how to use the power of the dynamos for different solutions. Here a random old thread topic to show you since how long this topic is present here. Since then the knowledge and experience have expand, and later several more ore less commercial solutions (most of them bad, some even usable, a few quite good) have come up and most of the vanished since then. But people here still used to build there "own" stuff to satisfy the specific needs of different travellers.
To find ways to compare this totally different solutions for different tasks and needs is even more complicated. The Forumslader is just one of a few dozen solutions that has been developed, tested and compared here. True, the Forumslader is the most famous on, because it meets the needs of most of the travellers here (and have a few extra gimmicks like an extra 12V output, speedometer, odometer bluetoot, Android-App etc), but there are many different other solutions that work quite good to.
Now, you came across claiming you found the estimative solution, the philosopher's stone, people here even may "find it's electrically impossible using today's technology to get better efficiency than the D1 !!!!!!111!!!" (yes I added the exclamation marks to your quote) you may understand that people now a at least a bit sceptical. So people ask questions about it and how your test are done.
They even try to show your what kind of testing are done with other solutions, so you can do the same to have some comparable solutions, or just sent your device there so it can be tested with their experimental Setup. But first you doubt the test setting and repeat that your solution _must_ be the best of all and "blow your skirt", "England -v- Germany,Match accepted!" etc....
People here a bit allergic to such kind of exaggerations and marketing phrasing.
These kind of marketing has often be used to push bad products, so people become even more sceptical when you use even more aggressive marketing blabla.

so at the end
In Antwort auf: acharnley

I have sent a request to

This was the best (and I think the only) way to show what (or what not) is your device
capable of. I (and many others) will certainly notice how your device will perform well compare to other solutions. Just keep in mind the Fahrradzukunft people do this as a hobby in there free time and wont get paid for this. This means that it actually may take quite a while if they decide to test it.

Otherwise you may still find a few people here that are still not annoyed (annoyed, pissed overstrained - all this word are to "hard" to describe what I mean -Im still searching for the right word)*by you in the who have the knowledge and the good reputation to test your device and will write a report about it when you ask them, and send you back your device afterwards...

*yes people here in germany (and also specially in this forum) can be easily offended if you hit the right spots, you already found a few

Btw: the fact that you only have a reseller from GB is not a Dealbreaker for german buyers- at least while GB is still in the EU. 10€ Shipping could be better but is still ok. People here actually like small one person solutions once they have been proven the be working and provide solutions that the "big company’s" don't provide (examples: Rohloff, Grobox, Reisegabel, Forumslader, ...)