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Forum Subject
Globiker Lounge ok Arnulf, thank you very much for your reply!!! 08/16/17 09:17 PM
by ConRAD
Globiker Lounge Since my mother was born in Santa Cruz do Sul, I had already visited Brazil earlier. However, I did never go on a bicycle tour there. I could imagine that there are nice tours possible. I like the Balkan area, too. There, I have some experience with 08/16/17 09:06 PM
by Keine Ahnung
Globiker Lounge Originally Posted By: Keine AhnungI like this video! Thank you Keine, I'm still thinking whether next November I'll cycle South of Brazil (i.e. Santa Catarina, Paranà, Rio Grande do Sul) ... or the "Balkans" from Sicily to Milano .. Cheers 08/16/17 08:45 PM
by ConRAD
Globiker Lounge I like this video! 08/16/17 08:30 PM
by Keine Ahnung
Globiker Lounge Milano (Italy), 15Aug2017: a very special ”Ferragosto BikeNight” 08/16/17 11:02 AM
by ConRAD