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#38304 - 03/16/03 12:55 AM Summer Trip 2003
Who wants to join a bicycle trip this summer?
Somewhere in Europe, four to six weeks in June / July / August
Preferably heading south starting at the German border.
A discussion about the issue has already been here (in German)

Cheers ... Wolfi
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#41623 - 04/24/03 07:12 PM Re: Summer Trip 2003 [Re: ]
Wolfi, I will be in Europe on my solo tour leaving Zurich on the 19th of May. My itinary will be approximately the following... Zurich- Como lake- North Italy- Venice- Ancona- Split (Croatia) then heading north- Slovenia, Austria-Dolomites- More of Switzerland- French Alps- Zurich. 7 weeks.
More about me in here...
Maybe out path will cross? Take care, Kati
P.s. You can e-mail me through the website using guestbook
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#48300 - 06/26/03 12:33 AM Re: Summer Trip 2003 [Re: ]
Hi, have u started your trip? I will free up here (Las Vegas) in early July. I have biked the alps and northern Italy before, but have never been south of Rome.
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#48308 - 06/26/03 07:46 AM Re: Summer Trip 2003 [Re: wolfi]
Hi, have u started your trip?

Well, unluckily the whole plan had to be changed frown frown
I will only be on the road in CW 29 together with a colleague and I will be on Transalp-MTB tour in CW 32 up to current plannings smile

Cheers ... Wolfi
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