Welcome to globike.net, the platform for traveling cyclists around the world!

On 3/3/2003 globike.net was launched. At the moment you will find just a few posts in the forums. Well, that’s just the beginning and we hope that will change within the next months. We, by the way, are a non-commercial site and try to keep the forums free of advertisings and banners.

Our idea is to share one single forum across many bicycle travel homepages. Because a community only comes to life if sufficient members take part in it regularly. We hope to achieve this together with you. Let us build up a meeting place for all bicycle travelers worldwide.

The forum is new - and it’s not
The international forum in fact is new. On the other hand it results from a German-language community that now exists since more than two years. That’s also the reason why there are already more than 1000 members for the new international forum.

Take part
Share your thoughts, let others know your point of view, what does traveling by bicycle make so special? Why not find a travel partner in your destination country? There are many of other globe-bikers out there, get in contact with them. Perhaps another member lives in the region which you want to pass through during your next journey, so why not exchanging country information firsthand. Discuss your experience about bicycle and travel equipment.

globike.net offers you the possibility of writing in either English or Spanish. Just choose the right category to post your message. With these two languages we hope to give most of you the opportunity to take part in the forums. At least we suppose every bicycle traveler speaks one of them. wink

Do not hesitate to post your first message – we highly appreciate your contribution. We also encourage you to become a member to take advantage of all the features the forum offers.

Thats all for now, have a lot of fun in the forums and on your journeys!

International Bicycle Travel Forum