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#161024 - 03/30/05 05:48 AM bike shop website?
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Underway in Germany

I'm in Korea, preparing for the long haul across China, further to Europe.
I need to brush up my old bike and get another good bike for my girlfriend. Surprisingly, here in Korea, decent bike shops are very sparse.
I'm keen to order parts from a company from abroad.
Which one would be cheapest, best ?
From the US or Germany? Which company?
And the posting process should be easy and straight forward to handle.
No part. bike brand in mind just the componets need to be first grade, like Shimano equipped...
Thanks , seb.
Real travelers just set off for the sake of it, floating like a ballon, always following their destiny. And even though, they don't always know why, they always say:"Let's go!" by Baudelaire
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#162644 - 04/05/05 11:44 AM Re: bike shop website? [Re: sebbie]
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hi there,

what amount of money to spent are you talking about? I believe it is rather not a problem to order via internet, also not regarding the price for the stuff itself, but I suggest to check the customs-situation in your current location first. Could be that you would be charged a fortune on import tax for the stuff. Apart from that, there are supposed to be good bike shops in HongKong and decent ones in Beijing as well. You may check out Mr. Lee's Flying Ball Bikeshop. If ordering does not work out why not travel to Beijing and buy the stuff there?

Good luck,

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