Hi everyone, I am planning on a shorter trip to finish or swedish lapland with my bike this year.
I ride a 4.8" fatbike that makes travelling on snowy trails possible. But not under all conditions.
Right now I am looking for some trails more or less around Ivalo in Finland that are somwhat used in winter time by e.g. snowmobiles or sleds.
I can and will ride on normal roads as well. My tires are studded, so ice is not a problem. I just dont want to be on roads all the time. The fewer, the better. But it would be good to have some exit points here and there. Not only for security but also because of the decreasing travelling speed in deeper snow that might interfere with my flight back home to Germany.

Any information would be great, also links or tips, were to get those informations.
Of course there are maps, but if there is a trail on a map that no one uses in winter time, it will be quite hard to fight through one meter of fresh powder... wink

Thanks, Kristof