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#1186642 - 01/28/16 01:54 PM Route Visualizer - Present Routes for talks
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Hello everybody,

I want to show you a project of mine, Route Visualizer. With this program you can plot your routes (from kml and gpx files) for talks, presentations, ... onto a map. The result may look similiar to this one:
Example image
This image was created using tiles from with zoom value 8, saved as jpg and reduced to a width of 800 px for the forum (therefore some image artifacts). The original (full size) image is available here (1792 px x 1024 px, 641 KB).

Selection of a higher zoom value increases the image size. The result saved as jpg is not at a good quality. However, you can save as png etc. as well, which of course increases image size (e.g. the example image would have several MB as a png file).

Some more features:
  • Available in english
  • No installation needed
  • Change route width and color
  • Save as jpg, png, bmp, gif and tif
  • Instructions on how to use tiles from
  • Save map in one image or every layer in one image, to simplify further processing

You can download Route Visualizer from Github. There you can also find further information.

I'm looking forward to getting some feedback from you. The first set up is a bit more complicated, because you have to download the tiles first. Instructions are available here. If questions occur, I'm happy to help you out.

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#1189227 - 02/07/16 03:25 PM Re: Route Visualizer - Present Routes for talks [Re: Cycliste99]
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I just released Version 0.3.1 beta, which fixes the "Save Layers Separately" function.
To update, just download the new files, extract and replace the old Route Visualizer.exe file with the new one. Data you already entered will not be effected by this.
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