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#1152465 - 08/24/15 11:20 AM From South Germany to South France, September
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Hey everybody!

I want to go on a bicycle tour in september starting from South Germany (Freiburg) to South France. If there is anybody who would like to join (for the whole trip or only a part of it) just contact me! I would say that i'm rather spontanious and I didnt plan the tour concretly yet. I will take a tent along and try to sleep outside as much as i can. I will also take a gascooker and i would like to drive on quiet roads away from cars, if possible. maybe good to mention, that i'm vegan, since probably we would cook together (dont exepect you to be one, just that you know). so.. hope to hear from you smile
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#1155913 - 09/08/15 04:55 PM Re: From South Germany to South France, September [Re: youlez]
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Enjoy, but prepare for rainy days too.
Camping is easy, food not sooo cheap, in your case vegetables are ok.
You go until Marseille?
Es war einmal Bike4Peace. Heute lebt das Ehe-Leben.
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#1160243 - 09/24/15 04:00 PM Re: From South Germany to South France, September [Re: youlez]
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How are you faring Youlez?
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