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#496575 - 02/01/09 03:13 PM Rohloff OEM dropouts
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May be it was already discussed...about dropouts.

From south of France, I'm planning to have a bike built from a Chaka Pele Rohloff frame, intending some light loaded touring on mountain/forest/tow pathes (good trails, without speed when stones/holes).

I'm 80kg, and the bike would be loaded up to 20kg camping-gear, (15kg) upon Logo and (5kg) upon Tara Tubus or towing a Bob Yak trailer.

Does someone have experience or knowledge about the aluminium adjustable Rohloff OEM dropouts (I'ld get Rohloff speedhub with external gear):
- for chain tensioning (good/easy system?);
- for fitting a trailer at wheel axle such as Bob Yak (alu dropouts= enough resistant?).
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#927880 - 04/10/13 09:37 PM Re: Rohloff OEM dropouts [Re: chuck30]
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Underway in Brazil

hej body,

the Rohloff dropouts are great and work well. But if you have them you don't need the chain tensioner. I would chuck the luggage directly on the bike. But if you prefer a trailer it's not a problem with the Rohloff either.
Also personally I'm not a big fan of the BOB but that is a different story.

Hope that I could help you.
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#940818 - 05/25/13 11:21 PM Re: Rohloff OEM dropouts [Re: outdoorfeeling]
der tourist
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Golden spade?

Nic squis was maneth!
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