Cordoba, aparcamiento coche, 4 semanas

Posted by: physiker

Cordoba, aparcamiento coche, 4 semanas - 03/27/16 04:37 PM

Hola, en abril vamos a Andalucia en la bicicleta. Vamos en coche a Córdoba. Existe la posibilidad que puedo dejar mi coche durante 4 semanas en su ciudad?

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In April we are going to cycle in Andalucia for one month. We arrive with own car and would start our trip (with bicycles) in Cordoba. The problem is, I can't find at the moment a possibility to let our car for 4 weeks at some "safe" place and so I want to ask you to give me some hints. In a parking house it would cost at least 10€ / day. I've sent a request to the campingsite, they told me 163€ for 4 weeks (at the moment the best option, but still expensive). May be you know a better place where I could leave my car? Some (free) parking places in the city, which are more or less safe? Or for example on a farm or something like this.

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