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Re: Hilfe einen Verteiler für Igaro D1 in Deutschl - 08/18/16 11:12 PM

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The D1 can't loose when it's being used to charge, it's electrically impossible

Dynamos are constant current sources. The trick to higher power is more volt and tuning capacities. Jens based his current design on this: and pulls up to 10 watt out of a "3 watt" dynamo. What about your way? 2, 4 or more tuning capacities settings? Input voltage seems to be limited to 21V in your case?

The efficiency input-output you measure does not matter that much to the user. Common riders do not feel a 2-3 watt difference. Even tire presure can have more influence then that. But they will complain if the phone/gps/camera... is not fully charged at the end of the day. That's why Jens does not publish efficiency but wh per km or watt vs speed. I can quantify my needs in wh/day, but I cannot tell you if the dynamo is pushing a significant load or is idling. So... do you have a full plot of wh per km or watt vs speed for a commonly used dynamo?

About warranty: the EU legislation about this is published here: . It basically requires you to add a small paragraph to your warranty stating that you do acknowledge this state garantied warranty. (Like scott does it here in the second last paragraph or Apple in the 2 colum of the first table here ) It is a very good idea to tell dealers how you will honor this required stuff because in the worst case they have to pay back the full price to the customer. Promoting a different warranty, no matter how good, will not solve this problem. This is a problem between you and the dealer, not between you and the customer and it is a question I was asked about. The fines related to this are considerable in Germany.