Re: Hilfe einen Verteiler für Igaro D1 in Deutschl

Posted by: acharnley

Re: Hilfe einen Verteiler für Igaro D1 in Deutschl - 08/18/16 09:59 PM

The D1 can't loose when it's being used to charge, it's electrically impossible.

Where it will loose if the rider goes very fast and doesn't have anything plugged in - at that point the protection kicks in and begins generating heat. The titanium case takes care of it. This is the downside from not using an inline darlington shunt, but it gives much higher efficiency when stuff is plugged in.

The real reason others use darlington shunts is the cheap plastic cases which can't handle the dissipation. Aluminium (or Titanium as with the D1) costs more $.

On warranty, the limited warranty only applies to the USB port. This is clear - if the user allows water to sit in the port it will eventually corrode (as will with any device) and in this case a small charge is applied to replace it. As it's rebuildable the cable won't be shortened or spliced and heat shrinked.

The rest of the unit is warrantied for life - if it breaks anywhere in the world it will be replaced. Obviously we'd prefer some sort of proof rather than subject ourselves to consumer fraud, but if it looks honest that's enough. We can offer this because each D1 is hand built and the quality is of such that it should never fail. 100's have now been sold all around the globe (many the previous aluminium cased design). Not a single warranty request has come in so far.

It's easy to be skeptical in our throw-away world, but as a long-time round the world tourer myself, there are those that prefer reliability and performance above all else.

I feel like a salesman now, that's quite enough!