Re: Hilfe einen Verteiler für Igaro D1 in Deutschl

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Re: Hilfe einen Verteiler für Igaro D1 in Deutschl - 08/18/16 07:40 PM

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It would be interesting to test D1 up 100 km/h and see how it performs in terms of high voltage at AC terminals (100V approx at no-load conditions) and overall efficiency.
Furthermore don't forget that a very common 3W6V dynohub can easily deliver up to 5 to 6W at 20km/h. So an output of 2.5W at 20 km/h is roughly the same as most of other similar devices on the market.


I'd prefer to mimic real-life riding conditions. This does not involve riding at 100KM/h without a device plugged in. Most people buy dynamo hubs to power things, most dynamo hub owners are tourers, and most tourers don't ride at 100Km/h.

If your point is high speed protection, an Audax rider in Scotland a few week back maintained 60kph for 4.5 minutes. It's a lot faster than I can go, and yes, his D1 continues to work.

The D1 produces more than 2.5W at 20km/h. Although I've not tested it in this manor, I've had 4.88V/0.76A at 17kph when testing a Sony smartphone a few weeks back. Perhaps a variable resistive load could have pulled more.

Presuming no device limitations, efficiency dictates what will be given out, and the efficiency chart above shows the D1 is class leading. It's exactly what is needed when touring under arduous conditions - not everyone can sustain 20kph all the time.

Back to the original topic, if anyone does have a contact at one of the bike shops do let me know. I'd be willing to offer a full buy back on unsold units so there's no risk to the reseller.

Thanks, Andrew