Re: Hilfe einen Verteiler für Igaro D1 in Deutschl

Posted by: acharnley

Re: Hilfe einen Verteiler für Igaro D1 in Deutschl - 08/17/16 10:51 PM

Superaxle -> I could offer a standard B&M 2yr warranty instead if that makes you happy? schmunzel

The price could be lowered by using a plastic case, not sealing it properly (hello B&M Luxos) etc

D1 has a life-time warranty not for the fun of it, if it were to fail I'd be loosing a lot of money. It has it because it's quality is better so I can accept the very small risk of something going wrong (titanium case, IP67 rated (epoxy not gasket sealed like the plastic B&M), 25yr life internal electronics, 10x main capacitor working life over those found in the German units).

As you can see, I'm convinced that quality isn't the problem - just that it's not being picked up. Everyone that's bought one loves them. Also, to date I've had no returns (or failed units).

I may have to pay somebody in German to try and make contact for me...