Re: Hilfe einen Verteiler für Igaro D1 in Deutschl

Posted by: superaxel

Re: Hilfe einen Verteiler für Igaro D1 in Deutschl - 08/17/16 10:38 PM

The point is, you are not the only person with new inventions and great ideas. Those companies receive loads of "inventions" and ideas. The bicycle industry is crowded with inventors, because everyone has a relation to bicycles, and everyone knows one special thing to change and make the bike better.

You must be different to get in touch with businesses.

For resellers your product has a risk: you are providing lifetime warranty. But WHO knows how long your company will survive? When you have to close your business, there will be angry customers to be served by the german distributor.

In fact there is a number of USB converters on the german market, and compete with very strong names and brands... customers will mostly buy those.

The price of your product is quite high compared to other USB chargers. And it does not seem to have THAT special USP to divide from others. In fact it seems more simple and less funtions than others. And in the end a distributor needs a good margin to take in your product.

Maybe it could be a way to provide a direct marketing to some bike shops in Germany. As your product is a success, after a while you may find a company to distribute your gadget for the german market.