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Re: Dynamo Harvester querries - 02/24/17 10:40 AM

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I’m personally starting to be quite unconfident towards certain start-ups that suddenly disappear ... for coming back a few months later under a new name, with no relevant references at all, no data sheets … nothing absolutely nothing.

"Under new management" explains a lot. They probably don't know the product they bought and just try to ride on the hype the previous owner created.

I still think it is a viable product, maybe not a viable distributor... Converting the normal version to plus version at home is definitely easy for you.

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It reminds me a recent “case-study”, already widely discussed within this forum, where a guy was trying to demonstrate the high performances of a similar device having tested it using “a signal generator with an amplifier” instead of using a real dynamo" !

That guy removed links to both distribution channels from the website and now sells it directly via his own website. Facebook link is dead, Amazon dropped the product, the UK retailer sells it cheaper then the manufacturer (clearing stock?). He also dropped the lifetime warranty (surprise!) and the most-efficient-ever claim and still does not acknowledge EU-law. I think the price went up, but that might be due to conversion and a weak british pound.

Welcome to the real world and brexit.