Rear light patterns

Posted by: ConRAD

Rear light patterns - 12/26/15 10:01 AM

..... continuous, flashing, pulsing, strobing … special patterns, etc., just looking for what road regulation (e.g StVZO) prescribe, or simply recommend, as far as rear lights are concerned. In other words what’s the minimum power emission in terms of light, what are the recommended/admitted/legal patterns to improve perception and at the same time to limit collateral distresses such as dazzling or other annoying disturbances ?
I’ve been trying to go through German StVZO but I found the subject terribly complicate and so far unpracticable.
From this point of view I do prefer the pretty essential Italian prescription that requires “0.05 candela within ±10 degrees either vertically and horizontally”.
But what about flashing, pulsing, etc. ? Are they legal ? .. and which of them are legal and which ones are not ?