Please excuse me placing my message in English!

I am currently planning a trip from my home country, Ireland, to Ghana. I've been investigating routes, equipment, etc. for a couple of months now (am getting a bike built at present for the trip) and although I'm thoroughly open to suggestions I have some ideas for areas that I'd like to pass through including the High Atlas, SW Morocco (Foum Zguid area), area around the Niger (incl. Timbuktu of course!), the Dogon country and well who knows from there...

One thing that I'm currently looking at is the feasibility of the inland route in Mauritania (Nouakchott to Nema) down to Nara (Mali) and Sokolo and then up via Goundan to Timbuktu. As you can imagine there's quite a lot of quiet spells along the route and although I have until now thought of going it alone I'm interested to see who's out there that may be interested in sharing ideas and thoughts on the trip and perhaps ride awhile.

I'm planning on departing in the latter weeks of August and am willing to take anything from four to six months on this trip.

A brief description about myself: i work and study in the area of development and disaster management, previous travel/work in India/southern Africa and shortly southeast asia (I'll be in the UK till the end of April); in terms of how i think of this trip i suppose could be summed up by the saying - i am a traveller who cycles rather than a cyclist who travels.

Anyhow, enough talk, say your mind.