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#396018 - 12/14/07 02:35 PM need your help :-)
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Hello All
I 'm Mohammad that Iranian cyclist who is looking for a partner to go UAE, but now I found that I need a front bag to put on the map and some other light things in, so anyone can offer me a used one as here in Iran I can't find it even the new one?
caz cycling is one of the most expensive sports here in Iran and it's impossible to find equipments for a bike journey, I also made all both front and back racks for my bike, to put something on as a traveling bag :-) anyway, plz let me know how i can find or if you guys have any used one to sale.
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#396163 - 12/14/07 11:28 PM Re: need your help :-) [Re: IRAN]
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give us some time :-) we will check this out ...
love from robb and ania

ps. miss you already :-)
... it's all in your mind ...
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#622504 - 05/23/10 12:09 PM Re: need your help :-) [Re: IRAN]
Shamim Ahammed
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Underway in Bangladesh

Hello Mohammad,
do you want front bag to travel at UAE, I think you'll find it there.
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