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#1209511 - 05/03/16 12:02 PM Buddies for slim-down tour Frankfurt- Paris
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Hello, who has time and motivation to loose as much weight as possible on a cycling tour Frankfurt/ Main to Paris, maybe further on to Mount St Michelle aso.

Looking for Cycling Buddies, male/ female, aged 50+.Moderate speed on tour, daily distances 60 to 80 km, depending on road conditions.

Start: immediately, so that by early June some 10 kg weight are gone.

No extra luggage transport, so take only the most relevant things.
Accommodation is booked on tour, from Hostels (Bunks) to *****-Hotel, depending on availability.
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#1209637 - 05/03/16 10:15 PM Re: Buddies for slim-down tour Frankfurt- Paris [Re: karin007]
Keine Ahnung
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Staying in hotels will not make it easy to loose weight. Loosing 10 kg over such a short time with 60-80 km a day only will be tough in any case. It at least would require some discipline when it comes to food wink. When I am on tour for 3 weeks with more than 130 km per day and many height meters to climb every day, then I manage to loose approx. 3 kg, i.e. 1 kg per week. However, I am not keeping a diet during this time.
Gruß, Arnulf

"Ein Leben ohne Radfahren ist möglich, aber sinnlos" (frei nach Loriot)
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#1209693 - 05/04/16 07:53 AM Re: Buddies for slim-down tour Frankfurt- Paris [Re: karin007]
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Loosing weight in such flat tours worked for us when we started to camp. One night we cooked and one night we went for a dinner. Then we lost about 1.5 kg/week.
Cycling is an addiction, it can drive you quite insane. It can rule your life as truly as strong whiskey and cocaine.Forumstreffen Edersee 2014
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#1256146 - 12/23/16 01:51 AM Re: Buddies for slim-down tour Frankfurt- Paris [Re: karin007]
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Hello Karin,
Did you take this bicycle tour?
The reason I ask is that I would like to take a similar trip and wonder if I could ask you questions about rout and accomodations.
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